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As a professional photographer who has been shooting for over 50 years I have had many diverse experiences in the industry.

I started out shooting still life and product photography. Clients included the A&S Christmas toy catalog. JVC and Pioneer audio equipment. While shooting the JVC and Pioneer campaigns I have had the opportunity to photograph Elton John, Andy Warhol and Barry Manilow.

I have also photographed menswear and fashion for Stanley Blacker and New Process on location and in the studio.

I have also assisted famed portrait photographer Arnold Newman. Working for Arnold even for such a short time period greatly improved my portrait photography skills.

I have also had experience with room and set photography while working with Lionel Freedman.

I continued my photographic journey working for Lens & Repro, first has their equipment restoration specialist then running their photo equipment rental dept.

The next step in my career took me to Alkit Pro Camera where I built up their equipment rental business. After Alkit went out of the rental business I went to work for Calumet running their rental dept before leaving in August of 2010 to pursue freelance work.


I was assigned to photograph the Belmont Stakes where I was able to photograph American Pharoah winning the triple crown.

In addition to portrait, still life and lifestyle photography I am available to shoot on assignment. Feel free to contact me if you have something you need photographed.

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